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Hello and welcome! This site is supposed to be a place for friends to gather and have fun and sometimes talk about american rock band my chemical romance. My dream for this site was to create a community. This isn't supposed to be an exclusive club,but registrations are closed in order to keep the size manageable and sustain a sense of community.

Who runs this place?

I'm kiru, also known as brennuvargur. I'm also on twitter as @comrade__mikey.


The plan is to organise fun stuff for everyone to participate in, like movie nights, concert rewatches, and maybe even raffles. Feel free to bring me suggestions if you have any!

So what do I post...?

Anything you want! Post your art, post pictures you're thirsting over, post about your writing, post about the little nagging voice in the back of your head that always yells about how cute Gerard's teeth are.

Not at all! This is just a community united by our love for this band, but you can talk about your life, your pets, other music, what you had for dinner, basically anything you want!


Due to the laws in Europe, this place is only open to people aged 16+
If you post NSFW please tag it appropriately behind a CW and mark images as sensitive, or have your account locked. Minors will be expected to hide sensitive images and not engage with or follow NSFW posts/accounts.

Code of Conduct

Be nice. No harrassing, no bullying, etc. If you have a problem with someone, talk to a moderator (me) and we will try to figure something out. This will probably be replaced by a proper code of conduct at some point, depending on how many users we get here.